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AutorTensar International

DatumJul 13 2016

We have strengthened our global geotechnical expertise with the appointment of Andrew Lees as Senior Application Technology Manager.

 A geotechnical Finite Element Analysis (FEA) specialist, Lees will oversee research into analysis of geogrid-stabilised soils, as well as providing technical support to customers across Europe the Middle East and Asia.

 "I joined Tensar because of its great reputation for technical excellence and innovation," Lees said. "I hope to continue to build on that reputation, by helping the company gain a better understanding of soil-geogrid interaction, which will allow us to predict real-life performance more accurately. In turn, this will improve our design services; enable customers to incorporate geogrids into their numerical analysis more easily and drive product development for a wider range of applications."

Based in Cyprus, Lees will hand over day to day operation of his FEA consultancy, Geofem, to his wife Skevi, also a geotechnical engineer specialising in FEA. Lees has a PhD in centrifuge modelling and FEA of soil-structure interaction from the University of Southampton and spent a number of years in geotechnical consultancy before joining Frederick University, Cyprus, where he lectured in geotechnical engineering. He is also involved in the redrafting of Eurocode 7, providing advice and support on numerical analysis.