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AutorTensar International

DatumJun 24 2016

We have now published the first video in our campaign Tensar 'Keeping you in the know'.


This will be the first in a series of videos which are designed to answer Tensar's most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).  Our very own Jonathan Cook stars in the first one. Jonathan has spent time talking to the sales teams and came up with a list of questions which we felt could benefit from being answered in a dynamic way.

The first in the series looks at a question the Tensar sales team are regularly asked; 'What is the tensile strength of TriAx?'

This video is now live on our YouTube channel here and also on our website here. The second and third video will be released in the next week or two.

We plan to promote these videos across our social media channels and on and offline.  Please feel free to make use of these and request a copy for your own computer if you feel this is something you can make use of.

Look out for more in the campaign - coming soon!